Benefits Of Solar Energy

Benefits of Solar Energy for the Planet

When it comes to a discussion of solar energy, there is a long list of positives and very few negatives. First off, homeowners who install solar panels will start reaping the benefits of solar energy right away. Solar energy provides us with independence from the big electricity companies, and can even result in a source of revenue if solar power produces more energy than what the homeowner uses. Homeowners that install solar panels may also be eligible for rebates to help cover the costs, and could qualify for payments for any electricity they feed back into the power grid. Not only has this remarkable creation helped saved people money, it has also created thousands of new jobs, just in the last decade alone, which of course is great for the economy.

Yes, there are many benefits of solar energy; one which stands out in particular, is that it’s so beneficial for our planet. Solar energy is much less “invasive” for the earth compared to other energy sources. Once fossil fuels are found, they have to be excavated, transported, processed, and then transported again, often across long distances. (All of which, of course, uses up a lot of fossil fuels.) Obviously, large-scale drilling and mining operations aren’t necessary for solar power and neither is the use of fuel to transport it – the sun takes care of it all, for free. Even the technology involved in manufacturing solar panels is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t produce carbon, methane, or the particulate emissions that fossil fuel production creates. When fossil fuels are burned to create electricity, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, byproducts are then produced which create water and air pollution. But solar energy is “clean” – it produces no emissions, which means less pollution, cleaner air and water.

Did you know that solar panels take up relatively little room? Most often they are installed on rooftops, which keeps their physical footprint small and manageable. The many benefits of solar energy for the planet and for humanity can’t be ignored. It’s free (once technology is installed to harness its power) and infinite, it creates jobs and generates revenue for local communities. The future looks bright for solar energy, so jump on board!

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