Gold Coast Blocked Drain Repair

At Oceanside Services we understand the frustration that goes along with having a blocked drain in your home or work place. Water damage can quickly run into the thousands, so it’s vital that you have the blocked drain repair taken care of as soon as you notice a problem.

Blocked Drain Repair

Often times there will be signs of a build-up before things escalate to a full blown blockage. If you notice the flow of water beginning to slow when the drain or toilet empties, that is a sign that things are not right. These are the beginnings of a blocked drain, and something is likely lodged in the drain which will begin to collect and build as time passes. At this point it’s time to call in a licensed plumber and have the blocked drain repair fixed. This will save you both stress and money in the long run as the blocked drain was caught before it had the chance to do any real damage.

If you were unable to identify the obstruction until it built up into a blocked drain, there are a few things to remember. Stop using that drain or toilet immediately as any further use will worsen the blockage and increase the likelihood of water overflowing and damaging your property. Calling in a qualified plumber to take care of the blocked drain repair is the easiest and most effective way to solve the problem.

At Oceanside Services we have specialised equipment including an electric eel and high pressure water jetter. These are extremely effective at clearing even the most stubborn blockages. For re-occurring blockages we can use a CCTV pipe camera to locate the cause of the problem. Snap shot photos and video footage of the blockage and drainage system are available for your reference if required. Once a blockage has been located then a quote can be provided for repair works.

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Blocked Drain Repair