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Blocked Drains in Burleigh Heads – Who To Call?

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Are you living in the Burleigh Heads region and have signs of a blocked drain? Well, luckily you have landed here at Oceanside Services.

Here at Oceanside, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry and our licensed plumbers offer blocked drain clearing services using either an electric eel or a high-pressure water jetter. 

Blocked drains in Burleigh Heads and surrounding areas can prove to be much more of a problem due to the South East Queensland climate. 

The temperature in these areas can prove to be an enemy when it comes to blockages. The heat can really amplify those nasty smells. 

We specialise in all services related to sewer and drain installation and repair. There isn’t much the team of experts haven’t seen, for all blocked drains in Burleigh Heads, we are your guys.

If you are experiencing signs of a blocked drain make sure to contact a professional ASAP. The friendly team at Burleigh Heads as available to take your call 24/7.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

  • Flushing Issues
  • Nasty Odours
  • Gurgling noises in drainage
  • Toilet water taking a while to refill after flushing

No matter the size of the job we are the team for you. The best part about hiring an experienced plumber is that we can identify the issue and fix it in flash, saving you time and money. 

Types of Blockages – Burleigh Heads 

Sewer Blockages;

For sewer blockages, we generally use an electric eel or high-pressure water jetter. For any minor blockages, hand rods may clear it up. We recommend the use of a high-pressure water jetter as this machine has a much higher success rate.

Storm- Water Blockages;

Storm-water blockages are caused by a broken pipe with root ingress or dirt and silt build-up. We recommend the use of a high-pressure water jetter as this machine has a much higher success rate than removing dirt and silt with an electric eel or hose. 

CCTV Pipe Camera;

For all of those re-occurring blockages, we can use a CCTV pipe camera to locate the cause of the problem. This way we can snap a photo or video of the blockage and figure out the best drainage method for the issue.

Contact Us 

For blocked drains in Burleigh Heads and surrounding suburbs, Oceanside Services have got you covered. With the top of the range equipment and our experience, we are the only ones you need to know. 

Call the team today on 07 5520 7100 or jump over to our online contact form.


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