Blocked Toilet

A Blocked Toilet – The Steps To Take

A blocked toilet can be a headache to deal with and cause an entire household to be late for their day and put everyone in a frustrated mood. Most people do not realize how much they rely on their plumbing to be in good working order to get through their day. With this being said, there are a few things you can do before you break down and call a plumber. There are certain steps you’re going to want to follow to make this as effective as possible.

1. Do not continuously flush the toilet

The first thing a lot people do when they have a blocked toilet is flush it again and again, hoping this will clear the lines. However, this can lead to the toilet overflowing onto the floor and out the door. We definitely don’t want that.

2. Cut off the water supply to the toilet

This is something most people don’t even think of. Once the water supply is cut off, it’s time to remove the existing water to make it easier to remove the clog and see what the problem is. You’ll want to do this slowly and be sure that you don’t make a mess.

3. Look for any obstruction

Many times the toilet is clogged by something that has fallen in, or when someone flushes something that shouldn’t be flushed, which is often the case with homes that have children. If you can see the obstruction, take a garbage bag and cover your hand and simply reach in and grab it.


4. Plunging

If you can’t see any obstruction, you’re going to have to utilize a few plumbing tools. First use a plunger to see if you cannot flush the line. The more air you get through the line, the more likely you are to get the toilet working again. If a plunger doesn’t work you will have to utilize what is commonly referred to as a snake. The snake is meant to go into the pipe and knock any obstruction. You may have to do it several times to figure out if you’re hitting anything.

When you believe the toilet is clear, pour water into the bowl to see if it goes down. If it does, then you have cleared your blocked toilet. If not, you may want to repeat the steps to see if you can reach the obstruction. If after several attempts you still have a toilet that isn’t working properly, it may be time to call in the professionals at Oceanside Services on 07 5520 7100, they have all of the necessary tools and skills to help.

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