Burst Pipe Repairs

Gold Coast Burst Pipe Repairs

Experiencing a burst pipe in or around your home is no fun. They can happen at any time, and by the time you’ve realised what’s going on the damage has usually been done! If it’s an underground pipe then you’ve probably had your back yard flooded, or a river of mud flowing down the street. If it’s a pipe inside your home, then no doubt you’ve had to spend hours cleaning up, or dealt with the stress of putting in an insurance claim for damaged goods.

Oceanside Services are experts in both leak detection and burst pipe repairs. Our state of the art detection equipment can find the source of any leak, even those located underground to minimise the cost and time involved in getting it fixed. Inside your home leaks can come from under sinks & vanities, and even in walls and ceilings. Call us the moment you identify any burst pipe or water leaks. We offer a 1 hour emergency response service to cater for all plumbing emergencies.

There are some important steps that you can take while you’re waiting for the cavalry to arrive. Turn off your water supply at the mains, that way you’ll minimise any further leaking and damage taking place. If you sense their may be some danger to electrical outlets or appliances, turn off the power at the mains immediately. However if the mains unit is wet call a licensed electrician to take care of that for you.

Your best bet in any emergency is to always call in a qualified professional. We strive to provide excellent workmanship carried out in an efficient manner on every task and project we undertake. We also conduct on a regular basis regular staff training sessions to enhance our knowledge and understanding of available products, services and changes to regulations. This ensures that all workmanship and materials used are in accordance with the relevant specifications and our client’s requirements.

Our professional plumbers will be ready to spring into action to help out with your burst pipe or water leak problems -07 5520 7100.

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