Earths Oceans

Earths Oceans – Where did all this water come from

Earth’s surface is 70% water, which is weird because everything we know about how and when our planet formed, says Earth’s surface should be bone dry.

The story goes like this:

Our Solar System formed from the collapsed of a large cloud of dust and gas. The dense blob of gas at the centre formed ignited to form the Sun, which as a young unstable star unleashed a fierce solar wind. Over time, this stream of charged particles pushed the remaining gas cloud further and further out, leaving only solid particles behind to clump together into the rocky planets of the inner Solar System we know today. Here’s the problem, water, in the form of ice, couldn’t have been one of the solid particles that stuck around to form our planet, because the inner Solar System was far too hot for frozen water.

So if Earth didn’t start off with water, how did we end up with such splendid oceans? Since Earth’s water wasn’t either part of the original package, or manufactured here, it must have flown in from far away.  On meteorites or commits, or other bodies originating in the outer Solar System, where they were far enough from the Sun for frozen water to survive.

Check out this very interesting video, which goes into more details on how Earths oceans were created.

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Earths Oceans