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When it comes to needing a plumber, there’s not many circumstances more urgent than having a blocked drain. Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower or you have a sewer or storm-water blockage, damage to your home can happen very quickly and on a large scale.

Fortunately a lot of the time there will be a slow progression before your drain becomes completely blocked. You may notice that the water is draining slower than normal, there may be some gurgling sounds coming from down the drain, there might be a foul odour coming from the drain off of whatever is causing the blockage, or there might be a change to the flushing level of your toilet or an overflow or leak causing water to flow out. These are all warning signs and a chance to call in a professional before things get worse.

Fortunately for every type of Gold Coast blocked drain, our team have a solution that will have it cleared for you. Drain clearing procedures can consist of plunging, hand-rodding, and high pressure water blasting depending on the size and scale of the blocked drain.

Sewer Blockages

For sewer blockages we generally use an electric eel or high pressure water jetter. For any minor blockages hand rods may clear blockage without the use of specialized equipment. Oceanside Services also specializes in clearing blockages to septic systems and grease traps, and take care of all commercial plumbing.

Storm-Water Blockages

Generally storm-water blockages are caused by a broken pipe with root ingress or dirt and silt build up. We recommend use of high pressure water jetter as this machine has a much higher success rate of removing dirt and silt rather than an electric eel and hose.

CCTV Pipe Camera

For re-occurring blockages we can use a CCTV pipe camera to locate the cause of the problem. Snap shot photos and video footage of the blockage and drainage system are available for your reference if required. Once a blockage has been located then a quote can be provided for repair works.

If you have a Gold Coast blocked drain, and are in need of a reliable plumber, Oceanside Services offer same day service and a 1 hour emergency response for all plumbing related emergencies for your home or business. Simply phone 07 5520 7100.

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