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Saving water is a priority for Gold Coast City. Each of us can help conserve water and improve the sustainability of our city, by changing our behaviour and implementing water efficiency measures. From 1 January 2013, the Queensland Water Commission, which set permanent water conservation measures, ceased operations. At this time there are no water restrictions in place on the Gold Coast.

Hot Water Specialists

On 1 February 2013, the mandatory requirements to install energy efficient hot water systems in new houses and existing houses located in gas reticulated areas were repealed. Gold Coast home owners can now install a hot water system that best suits their circumstances.

As Spiderman said best “with great power comes great responsibility”, so it’s important to do your research and talk to an expert when it comes to installing the right hot water system for your home. There are loads of great hot water options in this day and age, and finding the best system for your needs can save water, energy, and also save you money.

When you’re in the market for a new hot water system, invest in an energy efficient hot water system – either solar, gas or heat pump. Solar hot water systems utilise the suns natural (and free) energy to heat water for use in your home. Gas is a natural resource and should be used efficiently. As gas systems only heat water when required, these systems can also save you loads on your energy bills. Heat pump technology draws natural heat from the atmosphere and uses it to heat your hot water. Even in very cold climates heat exists, and these systems are fantastic for saving money on your water and energy costs. These systems can save you as much as 80%.

Other ways to improve your water efficiency include:

  • Install a rainwater tank – you can choose from unobtrusive underground tanks or slimline above ground tanks.
  • Choose AAA rated water efficient appliances, shower heads and flow regulators.
  • Choose xeriscape (water efficient) gardens.
  • A water monitor inside the house will help you keep track of consumption.

At Oceanside Services we’re passionate about the environment, and we understand how to get the most out of free energy sources. In Queensland we’re fortunate enough to have a climate that’s extremely suited to maximising these sources for your benefit. Give our team a call today and let us help you start saving money now! 07 5520 7100

Hot Water Specialists

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