Introduction To Water

Introduction to water – Don’t waste a drop!

There is one substance in the Universe that is the essence of all life. All life on Earth depends upon it. 70% of our planet is covered in it. It exists as a gas, a liquid and a solid. 68% of our bodies are made of it. We need to drink at least 2litres of it a day. 55% of our blood is water, flowing through our rivers of blood vessels. Earth is the only planet we have ever found covered in liquid water. Its life giving chemistry has nurtured life on Earth for billions of years. Life may have first developed in its warm waters. From space, the beauty of our water world is beyond description. The unique chemistry of water makes it special in the Universe. Let’s explore the magic of water! Are you ready???

If you’re ready to see how extremely important water is to every living thing on Earth, then press play, sit back and enjoy this eye opening video!

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Introduction to water