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24-Hour Emergency Response

Oceanside Services offers a 24-hour emergency response for all electrical issues throughout Redland Bay. If you need fast, efficient repairs at your home or business, our team is here for you. Light and power, safety switches, communication cabling—we handle all aspects of your electrical work with ease.

We are proud to offer solutions tailored to your needs, with same-day services you can depend on. Our team is fully licensed, experienced, and ready with expert advice you can rely on until we arrive at your property. Get in touch with Oceanside Services to organise emergency electrical work in Redland Bay. Call (07) 3317 1800.

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20+ Years’ Experience

Oceanside Services offers more than 20 years’ electrical experience, with a guarantee on all work completed. Working with a huge range of leading brands and manufacturers, we install an array of components and fixtures that are tailored to your property. Our team offers installations and repairs of:

And more.

Our services are available for domestic clients and real estates, body corporates, retail properties, and more. Book an appointment with Oceanside Services on (07) 3317 1800. We are proud to offer same-day services throughout the region.

Stay up to date with routine inspections and repairs to ensure your electrical components are looked after and running smoothly. Oceanside Services is here to complete all manner of electrical work according to your domestic or commercial property needs in Redland Bay.

If you are having issues with your lighting and power in Redland Bay, Oceanside Services can handle repairs, installations and emergency call-outs! LEDs, pool lights—we do it all.
Oceanside Services offers electrical solutions for real estate and body corporate clients throughout Redland Bay and surrounding areas. Call us for one-off and scheduled repairs.

Stay comfortable all year round with air conditioning repairs, replacements and installations throughout Redland Bay. The Oceanside Services team is here to get the job done!

Honesty & Professionalism

Count on the uniformed staff at Oceanside Services to arrive on time and complete all electrical work—no matter your industry. From lost power and blown fuses to inspections and certifications, our team is here to provide reliable advice, affordable services and a range of eco-friendly solutions whenever possible.

We pride ourselves on honesty and professionalism at every turn. Our team is here to help you avoid delays and potential loss of business through efficient scheduled servicing that you can depend on. If you manage properties throughout Redland Bay, let Oceanside Services take on your obligations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smoke alarms typically last between five and seven years. This length of time is the manufacturer’s recommendation, and it also covers the detector from a financial standpoint. While regular maintenance can extend their life to ten years, any smoke alarm that has lasted this long should be replaced immediately.

We recommend having your system serviced every 12 months, depending on usage. This will include changing air filters and checking for leaks. You should also ensure that your service technician performs a safety check before turning the air conditioning on each year.

A safety switch is used to electronically monitor dangerous conditions or items that could injure persons or damage equipment. When the safety switch detects a hazardous condition, it sends an alarm and will stop the operation of machinery, open doors, sound alarms etc. The most common types of safety switches are Limit Switches, Proximity Switches and Photoelectric Switches.

The quick answer is no. Appliance manufacturers go through great lengths to ensure that fans are properly and safely installed in the appliance. Replacing the fan yourself will void any warranty offered by the manufacturer and can potentially cause harm to the item. Instead, be sure to book a licensed electrician to complete this job for you.

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