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No hot water? This might be your problem

Do you have no hot water or has your water heater stopped working?

Here is a simple way to check your heater.

PROBLEMThere is no water coming out of all the hot water taps

This is likely a plumbing issue and usually associated with the cold water inlet to the heater. Check to see if the cold water inlet valve is turned on. This is usually found on the pipe that feeds into the heater on the lower side of the unit. If the valve is on then it could be that the pipes or valves are clogged and may need dismantling to cleanout. We suggest this be done by a licenced plumber.

PROBLEMThe water coming out of all the hot taps is cold

Have you simply run out of hot water? You may have used too much hot water and it may need to reheat. If your heater is small, it is unlikely to be on an ‘off-peak’ electricity tariff, therefore, it should heat up within an hour. If your heater is a larger unit it may be on an “off-peak” tariff and may take up to 24 hours to heat up again.

If you are confident that you haven’t run out of or used too much hot water then you will need to identify if your issue is a plumbing or electrical problem.

This is really easy to do. You can do this by checking the relief valve on the hot water heater. The relief valve is usually the only valve that is connected directly into the tank and it can be found towards the top of the tank.  Pull the lever to the relief valve and allow water to flow from the pipe connected to it. Touch the pipe but be careful not to grab the pipe as it may be very hot and you could burn yourself.

If the pipe is hot, then it is likely a plumbing issue. If the pipe is cold, then it is usually an electrical issue.

Things can get quite technical from here and it is recommended that you contact a qualified person to resolve the issue. Oceanside Services have qualified plumbers and electricians that come and attend to your issue on the same day. For further information please call 07 5520 7100.