Perfect Plumber

The Perfect Plumber – Becoming One Or Looking For One

There’s more to plumbing than meets the eye. Some people might think that it’s a relatively easy profession to get into, which isn’t true. A perfect plumber is one of the most frequently sought after professionals. It takes four years of training before one can be called a perfect plumber. There are plenty of plumbers out there chasing work, but the thing is finding the right one. So whether you are in search of a perfect plumber or you want to become one, there are a few things you need to know-

Attaining a plumbing license – This is the first thing you should look into when you’re looking for or trying to become a perfect plumber. No matter the skills of the person, if he or she isn’t licensed, they couldn’t officially be called a plumber. Can they still do the job? That’s up to you. But then hiring an unlicensed plumber can bring risks to the homeowner. They wouldn’t get the same level of assurance safety wise as they would have no proof whatsoever of this plumber’s credibility.

Plenty of patience Yes, there are definitely a lot of skilled plumbers out there. But skill is only half of the package. In order to be a true perfect plumber, a person would need patience. No job is the same; there will be something unique about each and every job they attend and a lot of new learning experiences. Four years of training doesn’t mean that you know everything there is to know; technology keeps evolving, with it, new and complicated models and designs for toilets and sinks are being added into homes. In order to remain competent, you should constantly learn and update your knowledge with what’s new on the market.

HonestyAside from trusting the plumber to put an end to your momentary crisis or do anything necessary to avert future dilemmas, you are also trusting a stranger inside your home and then again with their quote for the job. In becoming a perfect plumber, it is important to establish a level of trust between you and your customers; to do so you need to be completely honest. When you enter a home, you are there to do one thing only, and that’s to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. When writing up a quote, do so honestly. You may not be aware, but doing this simple thing would assure you of having a loyal customer. Once a person sees that you are honest and trustworthy, they would never think twice about calling you the next time because you have established your credibility with them.

Plumbing is an honourable and skill driven trade. Although it appears to be relatively easy, not all people are cut out for it. It’s one thing to be a plumber, but it’s a completely different thing to be a perfect plumber. At Oceanside Services we pride ourselves on professionalism, honesty and getting the job done right. For any plumbing issue you may have, please call us now on 07 5520 7100.