Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Mermaid Waters

Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Mermaid Waters


By law, you are required to install and maintain smoke detectors in each and every property.

Luckily, Oceanside Services have you covered! Call 07 5520 7100 or email today for a free no obligation quote.

We offer:

  • Smoke alarm installations
  • Smoke alarm repairs & maintenance
  • Supply of smoke alarms & batteries
  • Rental property certification
  • Qualified licensed electricians
  • Security for your family and assets

A smoke alarm is a very basic but essential safety feature for all homes. They literally save lives and protect your most important assets from being damaged or destroyed by a fire. Smoke detectors have the advantage of being able to detect smoke from a fire well before a person could, especially if asleep.

Did you know the risk of death from fire is up to three times higher in homes without smoke detectors? This is why it’s extremely important that they are installed in your home or workplace and serviced regularly by a professional.

The best place to install smoke alarms is in every corridor or hallway associated with a bedroom, and one for each level of a house. This ensures that the smoke alarm picks up the fire’s scent before it reaches the bedrooms.

Your search for the smoke alarm specialists in Mermaid Waters ends here!

For installation advice specifically related to your home or office design and layout, our electrical team can advise you on the best locations for all smoke detectors and create a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Would you like peace of mind? Be sure to get your smoke alarms checked and serviced regularly by your local Mermaid Waters electricians – Oceanside Services. We’re the smoke alarm experts!

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Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Mermaid Waters | Oceanside Services

Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Mermaid Waters

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Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Mermaid Waters | Oceanside Services

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