Storm Water Clearing

Storm Water Clearing Gold Coast

Oceanside Services are the Gold and Tweed Coast’s sewer and storm water clearing professionals. We’ve been servicing the Coast since the 90’s, and our team has seen it all when it comes to storm water and sewer blockages. We know how to get them cleared fast! If you have a problem and need a Gold Coast storm water clearing service, give us a call on 07 5520 7100 and we’ll have one of our experienced team there within the hour.

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The Gold Coast is famous for it’s crazy storms, especially after a hot day when the humidity is at breaking point and the clouds start rolling in. These storms can dump a large amount of water in a very short amount of time, and this often results in sewer and storm water flooding. To make these situations even worse, the water run off can carry with it all sorts of debris which travels down the sewer and storm water systems and can become lodged. Once the first piece of debris becomes lodged it doesn’t take long for it to collect other items, and then you’ve got a blocked storm water drain on your hands.

Damage from such events can get very expensive if they’re not seen to immediately by a qualified plumber. Oceanside Services specialise in sewer and storm water clearing. We have all the latest equipment, and our licensed plumbers are fully qualified and experienced in storm water clearing services. For a blocked sewer or storm water system we generally use an electric eel or high pressure water jetter. These are extremely effective at clearing even the most stubborn blockages. For any minor blockages hand rods may clear blockage without the use of specialised equipment. Our expert team will assess the situation, and execute a solution to have the problem fixed in the most efficient and effective way.

Oceanside Services also specialises in clearing blockages to septic systems and grease traps. No matter what type of plumbing problem you have, Oceanside Services are the Gold & Tweed Coast’s premier plumbing services company.

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