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AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

Heat Pump

The AquaMAX hot water heat pump module delivers energy efficient heating recovery and advanced frost protection, further supported by a back‑up boost element for cooler weather. The AquaMAX hot water heat pump can deliver energy efficient hot water without solar collectors even in cloudy weather.

AquaMAX Hot Water
Ambient heat energy is absorbed and processed through a heat exchanger in the heat pump module. At the same time water from the tank is pumped through the heat exchanger returning heated water to the tank. This process can deliver hot water at up to a third of the energy use of traditional electric storage water heaters. Accordingly, heat pumps can be an excellent alternative where installation options for solar water heaters with rooftop collectors are limited.

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Electric Hot Water

Thanks to the release of the new AquaMAX electric mains pressure water heaters, families big and small will always have hot water on tap. Even when you turn on the second, third and fourth tap, the hot water pressure remains the same. You can even take advantage of off-peak tariffs for that extra economy.

The AquaMAX factory “torture test” has made sure this new system is tough enough to keep up with the most demanding households, whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors. Technically speaking, it’s the welded steel cylinder’s Maxi-namel ® lining with a sacrificial anode, protected by a strong color bond casing that makes it perform to the very max. What’s more, the cylinder is backed by a 5 year warranty and some models a 10 year warranty. So you see, no matter how large your team is, you can count on AquaMAX more than ever to go the distance.

Gas Hot Water

  • Stainless steel cylinder with 10 year cylinder warranty.
  • 5 star energy efficiency rating.
  • The largest first hour capacity (a massive 390 litres).
  • Use more than one tap at the same time
  • No fluctuating temperatures


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