Solar Hot Water Gold Coast and Brisbane

Updated 18th March 2021

Solar Hot Water Gold Coast

Servicing Solar Hot Water Systems on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Have you found yourself in a bit of hot water? Don’t mess around with plumbers who don’t provide 24/7 service, a 1 hour emergency response, or a fully licensed team of solar hot water specialists. When it comes to solar hot water, Oceanside Services are the experts for all your repair needs. We offer a 1 hour emergency response to all areas of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW, and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

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Do you have a problem with your hot water on the Gold Coast and just aren’t sure what’s going on? Intermittent hot water, lack of hot water, irregular water supply, and strange noises are all common problems of an error in your solar hot water system. These symptoms and more can also be indicative of a wider plumbing problem in your home. It’s best to call the experts in both general plumbing and solar hot water systems – the ones with the dolphins on the vans, of course! Our extensive and broad knowledge of all things plumbing mean we can diagnose and fix problems that might be out of other plumbers’ skillsets.

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The Sunny Gold Coast Is Perfect for Solar Hot Water

Solar power is getting more and more popular each day with the word spreading, letting everyone know how great it is. For those who are lucky enough to live on the sunny Gold Coast, you’ll find that you have the most pristine weather conditions for solar hot water. The Gold Coast receives on average 300 days of sunshine each year, this being more than enough power to heat every solar hot water tank out there, and some.

How does it work?

Solar hot water systems use solar collectors (either flat panels or evacuated tubes) which absorb energy from the sun to heat water for your home. The heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for when you need it. The solar collectors are usually located on the roof of your home.

What about the cloudy days?

On cloudy days or when hot water usage is higher than usual, your hot water system may need a boost. The booster will come on when the temperature of water in the storage tank falls below the thermostat setting, and turn off automatically when the water reaches the required temperature. For more control over the system a manual booster switch and a timer may be installed, to ensure you make the most of the amount of energy coming from the sun to heat the water.  A gas booster generally produces less greenhouse gas emissions than an electric booster.

What are the benefits of solar powered hot water?

1. Dependency upon gas and electricity are much lower if you’re using the Sun to produce your hot water for free;

2. More of an environmentally friendly method for generating hot water, by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases your home produces;

3. Never having to worry about not having hot water when the power’s out or there are problems with the gas lines;

4. It’s a much safer form of energy as gas can leak fumes into your home, and there’s always the risk of a fire sparking when dealing with electricity;

5. Much more cost effective.

There are two types of rebates available:solar hot water

  • Federal Government rebates
  • State Government rebates

To be eligible for rebates your new solar hot water system must:

  • Replace your existing electric storage hot water system;
  • Be a solar or heat pump hot water system eligible for at least 20 Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) at the time and place of installation;
  • Be installed by a qualified person, such as a licensed electrician or plumber;
  • Be installed at your main place of residence.

There’s no harm in finding out if solar hot water is something you could benefit from. Most people will discover that they can save money in the long run with this type of hot water system. If more people were to go with solar power the need for gas and electricity would be considerably decreased, which would be great for every living thing.

So take the first step and call Oceanside Services now on 07 5520 7100 and find out what would best suit you and your home.