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Harness the Power of Aussie Sunshine

The combination of the dry climate and latitude of Australia makes it the perfect place to start solar energy production. Especially on the Gold Coast, we are ideally located to maximise the benefits of using solar energy for our needs.

At Oceanside Services, we have long provided the solar panels Gold Coast customers prefer. Our highly skilled team will assess your roof type and energy requirements, design the optimal system for your property and ensure your panels are installed to the highest standard. With our help, you can slash your energy bills and greenhouse emissions. We even offer solar hot water systems.

Are your solar panels no longer delivering the power you need? Contact Oceanside Services. We provide Gold Coast solar repairs at highly competitive rates. Our technicians also offer solar inverter repair, maintenance and replacement services.

Contact Oceanside Services for a free quote today on (07) 5520 7100. We offer solar services in Currumbin, Helensvale, Main Beach, Palm Beach, Runaway Bay, Surfers Paradise, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, Tugun, Parkwood, Benowa and other suburbs on the Gold Coast. What’s more, we take on jobs in Brisbane, the wider South East Queensland region and even Northern NSW.

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Why Switch to Solar?

Solar panels (also known as photovoltaic cells) will afford myriad benefits for your home or business. These are just a few to consider:

Homeowners who install solar panels will start reaping the benefits of solar energy right away. Solar energy provides us with independence from the big electricity companies, and can even result in a source of revenue if solar power produces more energy than you use.

What also stands out, is that solar energy is so beneficial for our planet as it’s much less “invasive” for the earth compared to other energy sources. Also, the technology involved in manufacturing solar panels is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce carbon, methane, or the particulate emissions that fossil fuel production creates. Solar energy is “clean” – it produces no emissions, which means less pollution, cleaner air and water.

Did you know that solar panels take up relatively little room? Most often they are installed on rooftops, which keeps their physical footprint small and manageable. 

Contact Oceanside Services to arrange a solar panel installation, repair, cleaning or maintenance service.

Selecting the Right Solar Panels

There are a huge variety of solar panels and solar power systems to choose from. Oceanside Services can help you compare solar products and select a solar power system that will deliver optimum financial return and environmental benefit.

Some things to consider when shopping around for solar panels:

  1. Cost. Don’t just look for the cheapest product; solar systems are a long term investment and deliver long term savings on your electricity bill. Consider factors such as the watts, physical size, durability, warranty period and certifications.
  2. Durability & Warranty Period. You should expect your solar photovoltaic system to last long enough to pay for itself and then some. Look for solar systems with a standard warranty on output of 20 – 25 years.
  3. Physical Size & Watts. The most important issue to consider when choosing solar is that it will produce enough electricity to power household appliances, and that your solar panels are the right size to fit on your roof. Our team can help you do the math and work out what size panels you need for maximum results.


Oceanside Services can source, supply and install a complete solar power system for your home or business. As a significant investment, you want to make sure you choose the right solar product for maximum return. Contact us today for free, no-obligation advice.

Solar FAQs

It’s important to consider the watts required, the amount of roof space you have, the warranty period as well as any certifications that may be needed. Naturally, you should consider your budget – remembering that the cheapest product may not give you the best energy-saving benefits. When you call a professional solar electrician, you can eliminate the guesswork that comes with choosing the best solar panel.
To get the best solar energy results in the long term, it’s recommended that your panels be cleaned at least once every six months. It’s important to note that only a trained professional should clean your panels, as attempting to do it yourself could prove dangerous.