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Need an emergency electrician on the Gold Coast ? At Oceanside Services, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our electricians bring decades of experience to the job, and there’s virtually no kind of fault we haven’t fixed before. What’s more, we offer a same day service guarantee!

A power outage or malfunctioning electrical appliance can cause chaos at your property–not to mention costly downtime at your workplace! Fortunately, our Gold Coast electricians will respond to your call rapidly, get to the bottom of the issue, and get it sorted without costing you a fortune. We’ll also ensure you receive practical advice that you can put in place to mitigate damage before we arrive.

Call our emergency electricians today on (07) 5520 7100. We will travel to Kingscliff, Helensvale, Main Beach, Palm Beach, Runaway Bay, Surfers Paradise, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, Tugun, Parkwood, Benowa and other regions throughout the Gold Coast. Additionally, we provide emergency services in Brisbane, the wider South East Queensland region and Northern NSW.

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Electrical Emergency

Here are some common emergency electrical situations and why they’re considered urgent:

  • Blown Fuse Repairs: A blown fuse can disrupt the power supply to a section of your property. It’s often a sign of an overloaded circuit or a faulty appliance. Immediate attention can prevent further electrical damage.
  • Power Outage Corrections: Power outages can be caused by various factors, from grid failures to localised issues within your property. It’s essential to identify the cause and restore power safely.
  • Circuit Overloading Corrections: Overloaded circuits can lead to electrical fires if not addressed promptly. It’s crucial to redistribute the electrical load and ensure safety.
  • Damaged Power Pole Repairs: Power poles are vital infrastructure. If damaged, they can lead to widespread outages and pose safety hazards.
  • Retail and Commercial Electrical Repairs: Businesses can’t afford prolonged downtimes. Quick repairs ensure operations resume without significant losses.
  • Damaged Solar Systems Repairs: A malfunctioning solar system can lead to inefficiencies and potential hazards. Immediate repairs ensure you harness solar energy safely and efficiently.

If you’re concerned about an electrical issue at your property, drop us a line today on (07) 5520 7100. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and committed to upholding the highest safety standards. We also never fail to clean up after ourselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, it’s important not to touch anything in the immediate area affected by the emergency–as it could result in electrocution. Secondly, if the area is unobstructed, you should shut down the electricity at the mains. You should then call an emergency electrician as soon as possible. If anyone has been injured by the electrical emergency, you should first call 000.

If you are planning on using a backup generator, make sure it is outdoors and away from the windows. Ensure all freezer and refrigerator doors are shut. To mitigate the chance of damage from electrical surges, ensure all appliances and electronics are turned off. Finally, contact an emergency electrician. It’s advisable to have a backup system in place if you store medication in your refrigerator.

Some common signs include flickering lights, burning smells, visible sparks and frequently tripping circuit breakers. These indicators often point to underlying issues that can escalate if not addressed promptly. If you notice any of these signs, call our emergency electricians immediately.

A burning smell can indicate an electrical short or a potential fire hazard. Turn off your main power supply immediately and call an emergency electrician. It’s essential not to ignore such smells, as they can be precursors to electrical fires.

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Our emergency electricians service all suburbs on the Gold Coast as well as Tweed Heads and parts of Northern NSW.