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Rough weather can wreak havoc on your sewer and stormwater systems, resulting in blockages, flooding and extensive damage to surrounding properties. Fortunately, we at Oceanside Services can restore sewer and stormwater systems to perfect working order. Our Gold Coast plumbers have advanced equipment to clear blockages fast, remediate flooding and restore optimal flow. We offer 24/7 emergency services, and we have a one-hour response guarantee!

Because storms result in high levels of water that collect dirt, green waste, rubbish and other debris, it’s little wonder they cause blockages. Our technicians have electric eels and high-pressure water blasters to clear out these clogs before they result in more extensive damage.

For stormwater drainage, Gold Coast sewer clearing and general clog clearing, contact Oceanside Services today. We take on jobs in Burleigh, Tweed Heads, Nerang, Surfers Paradise, Robina, Runaway Bay, Main Beach and surrounds. Our plumbers also travel throughout the wider South East Queensland region, as well as Northern NSW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend entirely on the cause of the blockage. For example, blockages caused by tree roots or plastic rubbish displaced by a storm may become entrenched and cause lasting damage. If there is any kind of blockage in your sewer system, it’s important to call a professional to get it cleared ASAP.
There are a number of ways to do this. For example, you can disconnect or redirect downpipes, install a rain barrel, reduce impervious surfaces or even plant trees.