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Burst pipe emergency – A few things to know!

Burst pipes can cause serious damage to your home’s structure and electrical wiring, that’s why they’re classed as a water emergency. It’s vital to take action the moment you spot leaking water. So when you see potential damage, remember to breathe, take a second and then spring into action.

A few simple steps to follow with a burst pipe emergency:

  • Turn the water supply off at the source – this will ensure you won’t waste anymore water;
  • Turn off all electrics – If water from the burst pipes are leaking near your electrics or electrical appliances, switch off the mains immediately;
  • If there’s a water leak coming from the ceiling collect it in a bucket. If the ceiling bulges, pierce the plaster with a broom handle to let water release;
  • Remove any excess water as best you can – soaking up with a towel or using a bucket if the flood is deep enough;
  • Move your valuables out of the way – lifting lounges on tables, and tv’s on kitchen benches, making sure it’s all out of water;
  • Open as many doors and windows as possible, this will allow the flooded water to escape;
  • Check your insurance policy and see what you’re entitled to for a burst pipe emergency;
  • Take photos of all water damage – it’s always good to have solid proof;
  • Remove damaged items out of the way and store somewhere safe, as your insurance company may want to see proof of damage before they reimburse;
  • Keep a record of all conversations and names of the people you speak, also a photocopy of any correspondence you send or receive, it’s better to have more than enough than not enough.


A burst pipe emergency can cause stress and expense, however if you act fast, the situation will be over and corrected in no time.

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