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Investing in solar energy for your business is like investing in any other capital equipment. The key to success is weighing up the overall costs against the benefits. With solar energy this evaluation is even more important because of the long-term nature of your investment. For maximum value, it’s vital that you install a higher performance solar energy system that is durable and robust, one that will last over the long haul of Australian conditions with minimal maintenance. Efficiency is also paramount. You want a system that will generate optimum amounts of solar energy for the size of the installation and the investment. Ultimately, it’s all about achieving a solid return on investment – and this is where Conergy hot water delivers.

At Conergy we supply some of the world’s most reliable, efficient and durable solar energy systems including solar panels that have been tried and tested in the most challenging environments. As a solar system specialist and industry leader of long standing, we have successfully implemented tens of thousands of solar systems, from commercial and industrial roofs to giant multi-megawatt projects.

9 Compelling reasons to choose Conergy hot water solar products:

  1. High Performance
  2. Robustness and durability
  3. A complete package
    Independent verification of quality
  4. Product warranties you can trust
  5. Product range and versatility
  6. Safe and easy to install
  7. Conergy design software
  8. Street appeal


Choosing the right solar energy supplier will save money in the long run and ensure your solar energy output is optimised, giving you a sound return on your investment. In Australia, Conergy hot water is a leading solar system specialists with a reputation of unsurpassed service, uncompromising products and a heritage of German engineering excellence dating back to 1998.

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