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Excess water bill? Here’s how to tell if you have a burst pipe

If you’ve received an excess water bill, here’s how to tell if you have a burst pipe.

The first thing to do is to check your water meter. Your water meter is usually located at the front of the property. Make sure all taps are turned off and not leaking throughout the hose before checking the meter. Look at the numbers on the meter and identify if they remain stationary for at least 30 minutes. If they remain stationary it is unlikely that you have an underground leak. If the numbers change after 30 minutes then it is likely that you do have an underground water leak or a leak within the property somewhere.

If you suspect that you have a water leak, walk around the property to ascertain if there are any damp or wet areas. Remember, you should use a licensed plumber to repair the leak.

Oceanside Services have leak detection equipment to locate the source of the leak even if there is no water or dampness evident anywhere on the property. We can also repair the leak on the same day. By using a licensed plumber you may be eligible to claim for a rebate on your water charges from the local authority if you have received an excess water charge.

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