Hydrotherm Heat Pump

Hydrotherm Heat Pump Hot Water

A Hydrotherm heat pump must be installed by a licensed plumber that also holds a solar & heat pump accreditation. At Oceanside Services, all of our licensed plumbers will have this additional accreditation, but it does pay to ask.

Did you know that installing a Hydrotherm heat pump can reduce your household’s carbon footprint by 30 tons? How much is that you ask? It’s the same amount as:

The amount by your family car over 15 years;

The amount flying from Brisbane to Sydney 100 times;

The amount leaving 100watt light globe on for 300,000 years.

Hydrotherm heat pump carbon savings is reflected in the STC value assigned to each system. Each STC credit translates to one ton of carbon saved as independently verified by the Clean Energy Regulator of Australia. So installing a Hydrotherm heat pump is not only great for your families budget, you are doing your part to help secure Australia’s environment.

Before a Hydrotherm heat pump came along, Queensland’s hot water customers only had two main options when purchasing a hot water system;

  1. Spend a lot of money purchasing and installing a solar hot water system or heat pump hot water system, with the aim of hopefully getting it back through savings on energy bills;
  2. Install a cheap gas hot water system or electric hot water system and be prepared to pay much higher running costs for hot water every year.

A Hydrotherm heat pump is available in two model sizes to cater to the needs of individual households. When selecting a new Hydrotherm heat pump hot water system, it is important to match your homes hot water load to an appropriately sized model. This will help you avoid overspending, as larger models cost more to purchase and install. Sizing the correct system means you only heat the water you need, which helps to reduce running costs and maximise your savings. Installing the wrong Hot Water System could cost you thousands of dollars in extra running costs, so it’s not a decision you want to leave up to chance.

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