Water Filter Promotion

Our Offer To You For Cleaner Water

At Oceanside Services we understand the importance of having clean drinking water. With our natural water resources being put under stress with our ever-changing climate, pollution and increasing population, we all want to ensure that the water we drink is of the greatest quality.

Tap water can contain chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and the list goes on. These ingredients can have an effect on our well-being and health.

With water making up 70% of our human body mass, it’s essential to ensure you and your family are consuming clean water is through water purification.

Oceanside Services supply and install the following water filter systems.

Twin Undersink Filtration system

This system uses an effective two stage filtration process consisting of a 2 x carbon blocks that filters harmful bacteria and parasites as well as sediment, chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes.

7 Stage Hydrogen Rich Reverse Osmosis System

A Reverse Osmosis system is the most refined form of water filtration for drinking water. It will successfully remove and discard 99.9% of contaminations found within the water supply. Contaminants removed including chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, hardness, salts, and other nasty substances.

Our 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System has been designed to produce safe and beneficial drinking water. The system we offer filtrates water through a 7 stage process. Providing you with Chemical free, Fluoride Free, High Alkaline Water, Hydrogenated, Alkalized and great tasting water.

Filter Stage Breakdown

  • Stage 1: Polyspun Sediment Cartridge
  • Stage 2: 100% Coconut Carbon Block Water Filter
  • Stage 3: USA Made Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Stage 4: T300 Hydrogen-Rich Water Filter High Alkaline
  • Stage 5: Life Energy Ceramic (FAR Infrared)
  • Stage 6: 100% Activated Coconut Carbon Filter
  • Stage 7: Magnetic Water Energizer

Our installers are licensed plumbers and ensure that all parts and fittings are Watermark Approved to ensure no defects or disasters.

Call us today to book in your water filter system installation, on 07 5520 7100 or email ocean@oceansideservices.com.au.