Protect Your Home During Storm Season

How to protect your home during storm season

During any type of storm, whether it’s a thunderstorm, wind storm, land gales or flash flooding, your home is vulnerable to some sort of damage. Damage can come in many forms, such as falling trees and tree limbs, water damage, damage to the structure of your home, or wind damage. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to see windows shattered, roofs caved in, water leaks from the roof throughout the house, and flooding. But there are ways to help prevent these things from happening and protect your home during storm season. The more time and care you spend on preparing for a storm, the more chance your house has to survive it.

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Here are some tips:

1. Remove Potential Threats

Look around your home before storm season kicks in and check to make sure that there’s nothing that could potentially fall onto the home causing issues. For example, you will want to make sure that trees are sturdy, remove dead branches or those branches that may be hanging too close to the home. If the tree is completely dead, have it removed to take away the threat completely. In addition, you will want to take this time to ensure that the roof of your home is in good shape. For example, if there are and missing or loose tiles, be sure that you are correcting these problems before it allows water to seep into the roof of your home.

2. Unsecured Items Should be Stored

Most storms bring lots of strong winds, so if this is the case in your area, be sure that anything that isn’t permanently fixed on the outside of your home is removed. Patio chairs and tables can be blown around and thrown at your home, causing damage to the structure. Instead, store these away for the season or when you know a storm is heading your way.

3. Board up windows

If you know that a storm is heading your way and it’s going to be a big one that can cause damage, board up your windows with plywood or utilize the shutters that you may have. This is going to decrease the chances of having windows blown out due to objects hitting them or the wind blowing so forceful.

4. Prepare for Water Damage

If you live in an area where water can flood your home, it’s always best to evacuate before a storm hits. However, there are a few things you can do to possibly prevent water damage. If you have a basement that leaks, pay the price to have this fixed, as it can help to save you thousands in the long run. In addition, consider putting sandbags in areas where water is known to get high as this can help prevent it from getting into your home. Make sure roof gutters and water pipes are all clear with no build up, so water can run smoothly to where it’s supposed to go.

To avoid home deterioration and costly repairs and to protect your home during storm season, scheduling regular inspections and maintenance for your whole house is a smart idea. No house can be classified as a storm-proof house.

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