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How shower filters remove water contaminants

Many of us like to start our day with a nice shower in the morning? How many of us have ever wondered about the harmful contaminants that come with the showering water?

Unfortunately, today’s water supply is filled with chemicals such as chlorine, copper and zinc. When we bathe, our pores open up, and these contaminants enter our body through these pores. To prevent these contaminants from causing health problems, it is important to use good quality shower filters that can remove the contaminants in water.

Shower filters remove water contaminates even before they reach you. These filters remove chlorine and other contaminants from water completely. They also reduce sediments moderately, so your water is sure to be much cleaner than before.

The exact method by which shower filters remove contaminants vary from one model to another. In general, shower filters use zeolite powder, KDF-55, activated alumna, activated charcoal or Sungite as a part of its filter system. These filters convert harmful chemicals such as chlorine into chloride to make the water more usable. The KDF-55, for example, changes the chlorine ions in water into chloride by making them bond to a prominent metal present in the water such as calcium. Some models even use patented technologies to remove contaminants from water.

The exact materials used in shower filters can vary from region to region too. In Asia, for example, shower filters with Vitamin C are popular. The vitamin C present in these showers act as an ascorbic acid block that eliminates chlorine and chloramines from water. In some African countries, carbon shower filters are prevalent, and these filters eliminate chlorine, radon and sediments from water. These carbon filters are relatively cheap when compared to other types of filters, but they have to be replaced frequently.

Irrespective of which shower filter you use, it is important to ensure they have the ability to remove the chemicals found in your city’s water. You can check with a local technician to know which shower filter is best for your home. Taking this time to research about your shower filter is an investment you make for your skin and body. Choosing a good shower filter is essential for better respiratory health. It reduces the chances of asthma and bronchitis that result from chlorine inhalation. It is healthy for your skin and hair as it prevents eczema and other skin diseases caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. Therefore, learn more about the contaminants present in your water, and choose an appropriate shower filter that will protect your body from these chemicals.

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