Solar Energy Projects

The future’s bright and it’s solar

Three major solar energy projects under construction

The future of solar power is huge, and with more and more funding being put into these projects, the popularity of clean energy is sure to soar over the coming years. It’s a no-brainer when you think about it, by choosing solar power you’re not only saving the environment and contributing to the economy, but you’re also saving yourself money, especially over the long-term.

The major downside which has put people off over the last few years has been the initial set up cost, but with this being recognised, the cost has tumbled in response. Which is great!

Due to this ongoing popularity and push towards clean energy, there are plentiful solar energy projects currently under construction. Many are huge, some are small, and there are certainly too many to mention, but let’s talk about three of the largest that are soon to be well underway.

CS Energy Ltd, Chinchilla, Australia
The Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project is a 44 megawatt CSP addition to CS Energy’s existing 750-megawatt coal-fired Kogan Creek Power Station. On completion, it will be the world’s largest solar integration with a coal-fired power station. This huge project will be enough to power 5000 homes and in the process, it will help avoid 35,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which is the equivalent of taking 11,000 cars off the road annually.

California Valley Solar Ranch, California
Sounds impressive, right? The California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) has given jobs to around 350 people in San Luis Obispo Country California throughout its construction period. Once it’s complete, this project will power around 100,000. This is great news for the local community, the environment, and those thousands of homes that will benefit from the project. Around $315 million will be piled into the local economy, adding further boost.

Australian National University, Canberra
The aim of this project is to develop and commercialise a roof-mounted hybrid solar concentrator PV/thermal (CPVT) system that cost-effectively delivers solar heating, cooling and electricity and is suitable for installation on millions of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. This ambitious goal will be achieved by making the most of advances in materials, optics and heat management. The project will deliver a complete solar energy solution that is suitable for domestic and commercial buildings around the world.

There are countless other solar energy projects currently under construction around the globe today. Let’s hope they keep coming, for our and the sake of our planet!

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