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The Best Ways To Save Money On Your Hot Water Bill

It may seem obvious, but hot water is a big part of your daily life at home. You use your hot water all day – from morning showers and running the dishwasher to washing your hands and having a bath in the evening.

But with hot water being such a big contributor to the running of your household, you might find that your hot water bill is skyrocketing.

Are you looking for a way to cut back on your hot water bill? There are some simple steps you can take to save money without feeling like you are missing out. Read on to find out more.

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Switch Baths For Showers

While it is relaxing to slip into a hot bath at the end of a long day, it takes up a lot more water than a quick shower. We aren’t suggesting you cut baths out of your life altogether, but where possible opt for a shower. This saves water, saves money, and can also save a little time, too!

Fix Your Faucets

Have you been hearing a familiar drip, drip, drip at night when the house is quiet? A leaking tap is more than just a mild annoyance, it could be causing your hot water bill to be a lot higher than it should be. This is a real waste, and also means that there is something wrong with the mechanism within your tap. Get this fixed as soon as you can and you could save some cash and prevent a potential plumbing disaster.

Choose A Lower Temperature

When you do heat your hot water, your boiler does not need to be set to the highest temperature possible. Heating your water to a lower temperature will cost you less money, and you rarely need the hottest water for a shower, a bath, or to wash your dishes. This can be an easy way to keep your bills down – you won’t even notice the change!

Have Your Boiler Serviced

If you are concerned that your boiler is not working as efficiently as it should, or that you have an out of date boiler, getting it regularly serviced is a great way to discover whether or not there might be an issue.

A faulty boiler could be causing your bills to climb, as it has to work harder to heat the water to the correct temperature. Getting in touch with a professional for hot water servicing can help you to figure out whether your boiler is causing your hot water bill to be too high. Fixing or replacing it might be the best way to make a substantial long term saving.

Get In Touch

Contact Oceanside Services today if you think your hot water is not working as it should, and is costing you too much money. We can advise you on how best to make those all important savings, and potentially become more energy efficient in the process. Our plumbing service operates across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Tweed Coast, and can provide a professional fix to any plumbing problems you may have.