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Toilet Statistics

The Toilet Statistics You Probably Never Heard Of

Toilets – we all have them, we all use them, but we hardly ever talk about them (well most of us). So what actually happens behind closed doors? Today we take a look at some weird and wonderful facts and compare usage in men versus women. Let’s find out who actually spends more time in the toilet, the men or the women? And how many of you ALWAYS wash your hands?

Did You Know…

  • The first flushable toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harington;
  • Over the past 200 years, toilets have added 20 years to the human lifespan;
  • The first toilet in a row of cubicles is most likely to be the cleanest as they are used the least;
  • Up to 26 litres of water can be wasted in a single flush;
  • The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more faceal bacteria on it than a toilet seat; (Let’s bet that all women have jumped up to go scrub the crap out of theirs.)
  • The most expensive toilet in the world is in the international space station, costing around 19 million dollars; (Jaw drop.)
  • A hundred dollar study in America was conducted showing that 3 out of 4 people put the flap of paper in front when restocking;
  • The film ‘Psycho’ was the first-ever movie to show a flushing toilet – the scene caused a huge number of people to complain about indecency;
  • Pomegranate studded with cloves were used as the first toilet air freshener;
  • The average person spends 3 whole years of their life sitting on the toilet; (more like 13 for my partner.)
  • An estimated 2.6 billion people still don’t have access to toilet facilities, particularly in rural areas of India and China;
  • Whilst he didn’t actually invent the toilet, Thomas Crapper perfected the siphon flush system most commonly used in toilets around the world today; (What a fitting surname.)
  • 75% of adults use their cell phones in the bathroom, with a mammoth 41% admitting to placing and 60% to taking calls;
  • As per the data collected by the world toilet organisation, only 60% of women and 38% of men wash their hands after using the toilet. If another person is present in the toilet, women went up to 90% and men to 75%. Come on people! Gross…
  • 43% of people admit to checking out the contents of the toilet before they flush. It’s always tempting!

Crumpling vs Folding

There are two types of people in this world – those that fold and those that crumble. Both techniques are used by each sex so the question is, which one is more popular? According to a survey, 52% of women crumple and 38% of men. The folding stats are flipped – 38% women and 52% men. So what happened to the other 10%? Apparently, 6% didn’t have a preference and the others, well… I’ll leave it there.

Lastly, the age-old question; which sex spends more time in the toilet? A recent study showed that it was in fact women who spend longer. But the key is why – not due to the length of ‘going’ time, but due to women’s toilets more likely to have queues, the fact that most women take longer undressing (we can’t all zip, whip, squirt, tuck and zip!) and then, of course, mirror time!

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