Vulcan Hot Water

Vulcan Hot Water System Repairs & Installations

High quality and performance at a very affordable price are just three of the many, very good reasons why Vulcan is such a popular choice for reliable water heating. Whether you need a compact, high efficiency hot water solution or are operating on a budget, there will be something in the Vulcan storage hot water range to suit your needs.

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Vulcan is built with the best: Quality materials and proven technology combine to make Vulcan a great choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is tough: The Vulcan storage cylinder is made from high strength steel able to withstand varying water and heating cycle pressures.

Vulcan is adaptable: The balanced flue and durable steel jackets make Vulcan gas models easy to install and easy to live with. They can be installed on an approved base against the wall or recessed into a wall cavity.

Vulcan’s inside story is just as strong: A ceramic lining is bonded on the inside of the cylinder providing protection against varying water conditions. Designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, Vulcan builds quality products trusted for reliable performance in all Australian conditions.

Warranty: The Vulcan hot water Warranty covers the cylinder for a full 5 years. (A new water heater will be supplied in accordance with the terms of the warranty if the cylinder fails within 5 years). Every Vulcan hot water heater also comes with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

Vulcan has backup: Our trained and qualified team at Oceanside Services can advise you on the best Vulcan Hot Water System for your requirements. We offer professional advice and can carry out new installations and repairs. You can reach us on 07 5520 7100, we have our friendly staff waiting to assist your call.