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The 3 Best Water Saving Devices For Your Home

We hear a lot these days about reducing our carbon footprint, but how is this done? Let us tell you! Start by looking at the energy efficiency levels within your home.

One area you could certainly reap major benefits from is looking at reducing the amount of water you use. Not only will you save on your water bill, but you’ll also save on your electricity, since it is the electricity which heats up the water for your hot showers and bubble baths. If you can cut down on the amount you use, then you obviously cut down on your bills, which is a big win these days!

There are many ways you can reduce the amount of water you use just by tweaking a few of your daily practises, such as cutting the amount of time you’re in the shower for, or making sure your taps aren’t leaking, but there are also some great devices out there which can help you cut your water consumption too. Here’s three of the best water saving devices you should definitely check out.

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What are some water saving devices?

Water efficient shower heads

Showers are probably where most of our water is wasted, so this is obviously somewhere that is best to target in your endeavours. The best water saving devices generally tends to be shower related, and this one in particular could help you save big bucks. A general shower head works at up to 20 litres per minute, whereas an energy efficient one works at around 8 to 9. Cutting your litres per minute usage means you’re using much less water, and if you have a family, all showering daily, that’s a huge saving over the space of a year.

Water flow valves

When you take a shower you are generally not needing the shower running at full pelt for the full duration, e.g when you’re shampooing your hair, or shaving your legs. A water flow valve allows you to reduce the shower flow during parts of your shower where you don’t need full water flow, saving you water consumption, and therefore saving you money once again.

Toilet tank displacement

A toilet can’t flush unless the toilet tank is full enough, and that means you need a decent amount of water in there to allow this to happen. A toilet dam/displacement device basically reduces the amount of water you need to flush the toilet, which in theory will save a considerable amount over time.

The best water saving devices on the market will mean more money in your pocket, as well as saving water. Double whammy and double benefits!

At Oceanside Services, we’re all about helping you save water and money. Our professional Gold Coast plumbers have plenty of advice and access to all the best water saving devices on the market today. Call 07 5520 7100 today and start saving!