Why everyone should have a rainwater tank

You might not think you need a rainwater tank, after all, surely there are much more interesting things to be spending your money on, but when you look at the benefits and major advantages of installing a rainwater tank in your garden or on your general household grounds, you will be surprised to realise that not only could it save you money, but you’re also doing a major karma-earning deed for the environment.

Rainwater tanks catch the rainwater, and this is then used at a later date for many different things, such as watering the garden, showering, filling the swimming pool, your washing machine, for flushing the toilet, and so much more. Depending on where you live would determine if drinking this water would be OK. For instance, airborne contaminants in major urban and industrial centres may increase pollution. Also, Micro-organisms from the roof or gutters can build up a sludge layer, which wouldn’t be too tasty! So always best to check with your plumber first.

There is a start-up cost for installing your rainwater tank, but once that’s done, you have nothing else to pay. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, easily fit into any space, and come in a variety of different materials – the choice is really yours.


So, why should you have one?

Well, rainwater tanks help store water for you to use at a time when you need it but aren’t able to use it, e.g. during a drought, and it also helps cut down on usage of the mainstream water supply, which cuts costs in your household and helps maintain the supply for proper usage benefiting the environment.

Think about it, during a water shortage the first thing we are advised not to do is to use the water mains for watering gardens, filling the pool and washing the car – a water limit usage is a pain during the summer, but if you have a rainwater tank, you’re cutting the effect you have on the mains water supply in a big way.

Of course, on top of helping the environment, I guess you could say you’re effectively helping to save the world, you’re also helping to cut the cost of your water bills and money saved these days is always a major boost whichever way you look at it. Less water used from the mains, means less money spent, it’s that simple.

So, if you’re considering whether to install a rainwater tank, read the major advantages and you will soon realise that everyone should have a tank to call their own.

If you’ve realised that a rainwater tank would serve you well, call Oceanside Services on 07 5520 7100. We’re the ones that can get you the best tank, for the best price and have it installed in no time. Start saving today!