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AquaMAX stainless steel water heater – Electric & Gas

AquaMAX stainless steel water heaters are considered the premium range of water heaters on the market, due to their superior design and quality stainless steel cylinder, providing the unit with greater resistance to corrosion. AquaMAX offers stainless steel water heaters in selected gas and electric models, all made right here in Australia at their award winning manufacturing plant.

Here are the two types of AquaMAX stainless steel water heaters available:

Electric stainless steel

Experience the superior performance of Stainless Steel in the new AquaMAX stainless steel electric water heater range. Stainless steel cylinders resist corrosion for longer than conventional vitreous enamel in good quality water conditions, and do not require a sacrificial anode, resulting in a lighter product, easier to transport and install and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the water heater.

AquaMAX stainless steel water heater features:

  • 10 Year cylinder warranty;
  • Energy Efficient – up to 27% better than MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard);
  • No Anode;
  • Up to 50% lighter;
  • Twin Element models available.

Gas stainless steel

AquaMAX five star gas water heaters have options to cover most needs. From their 5 Star G270VE with a Vitreous Enamel cylinder, to the stainless steel G270SS, G340SS and G390SS. As these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with high demands. When you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains at mains pressure levels.

Leading design

AquaMAX gas storage units 270L, 340L & 390L come in high quality stainless steel cylinders, which store heated water at higher temperatures than standard water heaters, and come with a 10 Year cylinder warranty.

Compact gas efficiency 270L

Featuring the latest burner technology, the AquaMAX 270L gas storage water heater sets a new standard in compact storage water heating. Available in stainless steel G270SS (10 year warranty) and Vitreous Enamel G270VE (5 year warranty), both models offer excellent heating efficiency.

To get your AquaMAX hot water system installed today, call Oceanside Services on 07 5520 7100! We are the Gold Coast’s leading provider of AquaMAX. Our professional team are experts when it comes to repairs and installations of AquaMAX electric & gas stainless steel hot water systems.

Plumber smiling while working — Reliable Local Electricians in Helensvale, QLD