Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Benefits of ceiling fans – What they can do for you!

              Many homes these days have ceiling fans; even those with the benefit of a great, fresh breeze have them. Fans are the cheapest form of cooling, but they also have the additional benefit of allowing the air to freely circulate in your home. From ancient times, fans were used to help deal with tropical heat, but did you know you can also use your fan in winter with great advantage? These are a few of the countless benefits of ceiling fans.

            In the summer time simply having a ceiling fan on can make the room feel up to 8 degrees cooler than what it is. Mainly because the cooler air is near the floor, and depending on which direction your ceiling fan is spinning, it can either drag this air up (cooling the room) or push the warmer air down in wintertime. Leaning the blade edges of your fan down and then allowing it to rotate either clockwise for warmth or anticlockwise to cool gives this awesome effect. The rotation also creates a “breeze” which can help with stuffiness in the room, which is always helpful.

            Using a fan can also save you up to 40% on your electricity costs, helping your air conditioning so your AC unit won’t have to work so hard thanks to that 8 degree difference from the fan. There’s nothing saying that you can’t also run the two together to get this, or simply rely on the fan alone if it isn’t too hot. If your AC unit goes out you’ll also have a backup rather than being stuck stifling without any form of cooling in the house. A good energy star rated fan can create even more efficiency by spinning 15% more than other ceiling fans. When buying fans you’re also likely to spend far less, than having to purchase and install an air conditioning system, and even if you already have it you’ll be offsetting the cost with the savings off of your electricity bill.

            A built in ceiling fan can also be a great safety feature. Many floor fans can tip and break easily, and can be quite dangerous with young children around, with those fast blades spinning round and round. By having the fan on the ceiling there are likely to be far fewer accidents, since it will be up and out of everyone’s way. Most fans are positioned about 12 inches below the ceiling so it is unlikely to accidentally touch it, unless of course, you’re a giant. This can also make the home seem less cluttered with heating and cooling devices.

            One of the most overlooked benefits of ceiling fans however is simply the aesthetic addition. Having a home that looks nice is not only pleasing to the eye, but when it comes time to sell this can also help to increase the value of your home. Fans come in a variety of shapes and styles that can fit any home, with popular brands and dozens of designs, some including lights and other versatile choices. The choice is yours!

            The functional benefits of ceiling fans can be felt in both winter and summer, by providing an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solution for your home heating and cooling.

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