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Hot Water Repairs Gold Coast

There’s not many things more frustrating than a broken hot water unit in the middle of winter. Waking up and jumping in the shower before work, only to find out that your hot water unit has died and you’re in for either A) no shower at all, or B) the borderline mental and physical torture of icy cold water running over your head and down your back, giving you goose bumps and the odd involuntary squeal.

Now we must admit that we are quite blessed here on the Gold Coast. Our winters rival the summer time of many other countries, and we get more sunny days than most other cities in Australia. However for those of us who live here, we’ve also experienced the icy chill of a cold winter morning, waking up before the sun has risen, feeling the cold westerly wind blowing outside, and working up the courage to leave the warmth of our cosy beds. One thing that makes that process much easier is knowing that at the end of that 10 second dash from bed awaits a steamy hot shower to begin your day.

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At Oceanside Services Gold Coast we’ve got all your hot water repairs covered, and we service all solar, gas & electric hot water systems. Stocking all the major brands, our licensed plumbers offer same day repair or replacement, and all work is fully guaranteed. Whether you’ve got a leaking hot water unit that needs repairing, or it’s time to upgrade to a brand new unit, give us a call today and let our professional team get your hot water back on in a flash! – Phone 07 5520 7100

“I came home from work and the hot water was out, I gave the guys at Oceanside a call and they were there in under an hour to fix it. The after hours service was great, pricing very reasonable, and most important we had our hot water back on that night. I’d highly recommend Oceanside Services.”

~ Rory, Burleigh Heads

Here’s some great tips on keeping warm after showering in winter!

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