Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe | What Do I Do?

A burst pipe is one of the most common plumbing emergencies we come across. Luckily on the Gold Coast we don’t have to deal with the same extreme temperature changes that some of the other states do. Trying to run hot water to your shower through pipes that have frozen overnight with the latest frost for example has seen many pipes burst under the pressure and sudden change. Check out this demo on YouTube

The climate on the Gold Coast is one of the most steady in the country. Sudden changes in temperature wreak havoc on plumbing and pipes around your home. Materials expand and contract with the heat and the cold, and stress points can easily appear in pipes weakening them and often times resulting in a burst pipe that causes all sorts of damage.

Another common burst pipe is the underground pipes that get struck when you’re digging or excavating around your home. These pipes often have large volumes of water travelling through them, and can quickly flood your yard.

The first thing to do when you have a burst pipe is shut off the water supply to that pipe. This could be a local supply isolated to this particular pipe, your hot water system for example, which can normally be shut off at the hot water unit itself. For any other burst pipe you may need to shut off the mains water supply to your home. The mains water valve is normally located at the front of your property, underneath a cover which is usually marked. You’ll need to remove the cover and turn the valve 90 degrees to the off position.

If you are able to identify the parts that need replacing and have the know-how to do so, get down to your local plumbing supplies while the mains are off and purchase the parts needed to fix the problem. If you need to call in a professional plumber, we offer a 1 hour emergency response to all areas of the Gold & Tweed Coast’s, and our professional plumbers will have your burst pipe fixed and back in action in no time at all.

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