Bursting Water Pipes

Bursting Water Pipes In Your House

Have you ever heard of such a place where water is not needed? Pretty sure, if a place like this exists, it might not be in our realm. Here on earth, plants, animals and the human body require water to function, it’s no different with a house.

Water, being the very source of life definitely has its place in a home. That’s why water pipes were invented; so that it can find its way to your showers, taps and toilets. Seeing its importance in our everyday lives, we have to make sure that the pipe system doesn’t get destroyed. Just like any other home appliance that is frequently used, there has to be a regular form of maintenance in order to keep the water running smoothly within the pipes. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a lot of problems like leaks and bursting water pipes later down the track…

Bursting water pipes can be the effect of cracks that can either go seen or unseen, big or small. If these are not fixed or replaced, the tendencies for your water pipes to burst increases. There are two main reasons for bursting water pipes to occur. One involves the pressure the water creates as it passes through the pipes, and the other has to do with the composition of the water.

The reason why pipes start to burst is because of high water pressure. It’s always good to have the exact diameter size of the pipe to compensate for the intensity of the water pressure that goes through it. In most cases, when the diameter is too small, the pressure will increase and it will make it hard for the pipes to control the gush of water that flows in. The first time it happens it might not be destructive, because the pipes are still strong enough to withstand the level of pressure, but gradually over time, it can no longer perform this strenuous task.

To avoid this from happening in the first place, make it a point to know the kind of pressure your water supply will have based on your town or city’s water levels. When they are high, chances are, water will typically overflow and when they are low, the opposite happens. Balance out the water pressure with the diameter of your pipes in order to prevent bursting water pipes.

A major issue for older pipes could be internal corrosion, as they may be worn out over time. What is corrosion? It is the act of gradual destruction of a surface caused by an unsafe chemical reaction with it’s environment – In this case, corrosion is caused by highly acidic water.

Today’s technology now offers million-dollar equipment to process water and purify it by separating molecules from each other. The result is both alkaline water and acidic water. Alkaline water does not cause corrosion, in fact, it causes lime scale build-up in your pipes. When you look inside your pipes, you will notice a thick layer of coating; if this is neglected over the years, it could affect the bore size of the pipe and the pressure the water produces as it passes through. Acidic water on the other hand, will gradually destroy the internal coating of any normal pipe.

If you notice any of these problems with your pipes, don’t hesitate to call the professional plumbers at Oceanside Services to do all the hard work for you. It’s always best to make sure that these pipes are functioning well, so your day-to-day routine doesn’t get interrupted. Phone 07 5520 7100.