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Welcome to Your New Carina Heights Plumbers

If you have been looking for Carina Heights plumbers with experience then you’ve landed on the right page.

If there is one thing Oceanside Services has under their tool belts it’s experience. There isn’t much our team hasn’t seen.

So when you have an Oceanside plumber out to your door you know there is no time wasted, and that mean savings for you.


A Bit About Us

You may have seen us driving around town, we are the ones with the dolphins on the vans. We are always out and about helping customers with their plumbing emergencies.

We put a lot of care into what we do, we make sure that getting a plumber out to your home doesn’t end up feeling like a chore. 

Our Carina Heights plumbers are all trained to the highest standards, they are also taught to clean up after themselves so that there is absolutely nothing you have to do after we leave.

The team is dedicated to providing the best service possible, this includes our emergency response team.


Plumbing Emergency In Carina Heights!

If you have heard already, here at Oceanside we have an emergency response team that can be out to your home within an hour of your call.

These guys are for whenever you find yourself in an icky situation, where there is no time to waste. A burst pipe can wreak havoc within minutes, so call us on 07 5520 7100.

There is nothing worst than not knowing who to call in stressful times, so save our number in your phones and we can be out to you as soon as possible.

Here at Oceanside, we are available to you 365 days a year, 24/hr a day. That’s right we are able to help you out all year round, including holidays like Christmas.


Our Services

If you aren’t in the middle of a plumbing emergency and just need someone out to help around your home, we have you covered.

Our Carina Heights plumbers do it all, we are your new A-Z plumbing services. We don’t just stop at homes either.

Oceanside is equipped with all the latest technology to help you set up your business. If you are looking for someone to help with any and all of you retail and commercial plumbing needs, call us today.

See below for a list of all our services;

  • Leaky tap repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Leak detection service
  • Gas fitting service
  • Block drain service
  • Hot water services
  • Backflow prevention
  • Retail and commercial plumbing
  • Emergency service


Leaky Tap?

If you spot a leak in your home, it’s a good idea to give a professional a call. If you aren’t sure, Oceanside Services are your Carina Heights leak detection specialists.

Leaks can prove quite costly, people start noticing their water bills skyrocket! So to prevent you from losing more money than you have to, get Oceanside out to your home today.

Because this isn’t the first leak we’ve had to detect, we will be in and out of your home in a flash, saving you time and money!


Our Carina Heights Gas Fitting Services

If you smell gas around your home or notice that you have started paying more on you gas bills lately, you need to be contacting a gas specialist immediately.

You may not be aware but it is recommended that your gas appliances are services regularly, by a qualified person. 

Oceanside has been providing quality gas fittings since 1998. Whether you live in Carina Heights or the Gold Coast, or Northern NSW we can come and help you out.


Some tips from the professionals if you smell gas!

  • Don’t panic
  • open doors and windows
  • don’t light a match, candle or cigarette
  • don’t turn electrical appliances or lights on or off
  • check your gas appliances are turned off


Like what you see?

If you are in need of a plumber today then waste no time, give the amazing team of Carina Heights plumbers a call today.

We understand that time is money, and we aren’t here to waste either of yours. The experience and licenced team have seen it all before and call help with all of your plumbing needs.

Jump over to our contact page online, or if you have an emergency call us on 07 5520 7100.


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