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Cold Water Shower Benefits

Cold water shower benefits in the morning

A daily cold water shower can have a large positive effect on your health, not only as a measure of hygiene, but also as a natural energizer. Here is how a cold water shower benefits you when taken in the morning:

Helps in stimulating your blood circulation

Cold water showers may not be something you’re really looking forward to in the morning. You will feel that it will become an enjoyable experience for you, if done on a regular basis. When your body is exposed to cold water, it immediately begins to bring more blood to your vital organs and tissues inside, hence making them benefit from a rush of fresh blood.

Fresher and healthier skin

Unlike cold water, hot water washes away and removes the fat found naturally on the surface of your skin. This tends to dry your skin. On the other hand, bathing with cold water not only keeps you fresh, but also gives a natural glow to your skin at the same time.

Energy surge

When we bath with cold water, we experience freshness, rejuvenation and a lot of power after leaving the shower compared to what we felt like before showering. Suddenly we feel as if fatigue in our system has been showered off ourselves and has gone down the drain. Like jumping in a cold pool, with that adrenalin kick telling you to get out, your heart starts working overtime, your body pumping blood to your main organs to keep them warm. It enters survival mode, believing it’s in danger of being negatively affected by the cold, your body gets a kick start to the day.

Strong immune system

When showering with cold water, your body reacts by stimulating your metabolism and therefore also strengthens your immune system. Thus, it becomes easier for your body to fight viral infections.


Hot water baths or showers affect sperm count and quality. This means that a cold water shower is especially beneficial for men, as it helps them to increase the secretion of their testosterone, thus improving their sperm quality. The increased movement of internal organs may cause alteration, or affect the circulatory system if they are prone to some problem or are feeling sick. Moreover, pregnant women and people running fevers should also exercise some precaution.

Fights off depression

According to the University of California, a bath of cold water in the morning helps to combat depression and anxiety. This is because cold water helps in the production of an anti-depressant stimulant.

Physical exercise

Meanwhile, contrast showers (hot water one minute followed by one-minute cold) would be effective for those doing some kind of physical activity for energy. A shower of cold water in the morning has an alerting effect on people; hence, they would be better prepared to perform physical or mental work during the day.

Prevents baldness

Lastly, cold water showers also help prevent baldness by stimulating your scalp through the bloodstream, and strengthening the top layer of tissue.

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