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Crowdsourcing Solar Energy

The emergence of crowdsourcing solar energy

You might have heard of solar energy, in fact unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past few decades, you have to have heard about it. Basically, harnessing the power of the sun in order to provide energy to homes is a serious buzz in the energy industry these days, not least because it a) saves money, b) is much more environmentally friendly, and c) creates a new and diverse industry to profit from.

Like anything new and slightly different this has been slow on the uptake, with most people preferring to stick to tried and tested, old-fashioned ways of powering their homes. Also due to the cost of installing the equipment needed in the first place, i.e. solar panels on the roof. It takes time for attitudes to change. Despite this, there is an increasing push to raise awareness of the huge benefits of solar energy, and a new way of providing this push, as well as developing new initiatives along the way, is crowdsourcing solar energy.

What is crowdsourcing?

Good question. Basically, crowdsourcing is the pooling of resources and ideas, in order to come up with a strategy or service that meets mass needs. It is a way to obtain models and applications by asking for contributions from large groups of people, and through this, more diverse ideas and services can be provided to the consumer. Basically everyone within the group contributes a little bit to create a large idea or service. Not everyone thinks in the same way, and pooling ideas means more scope for development.

How can this help with regards to solar energy?

Despite an increase in the uptake of solar energy, you might have seen more and more panels appearing on roofs as you’ve traveled around. Due to initiatives on funding for the initial set up through councils and companies, the uptake still isn’t at a peak, and it is estimated that there is much more room for improvement.

Because this is a difficult area to develop and it is rather difficult to convert people to new ideas, the idea of crowdsourcing pools ideas from different strategists and developers, to come up with a common aim – to build up a major tide of interest for future use of solar power. It is thought that crowd-sourcing could lead to a faster development of services, and ultimately ways to reach consumers much quicker than one company trying to develop a model.

Whilst still very much under development, crowdsourcing has helped in the past in various other developments, not least the use of wind-power, which led to the uptake of many different wind-powered initiatives.

It is hoped that many heads will turn out to be better than one, and that a real push in the way of solar energy will lead to a much bigger intake over the coming years, and ultimately help our planet last much longer.

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