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EcoSmart Solar

EcoSmart Solar

Australia’s Top Performing Solar Hot Water Systems

Australia has an abundance of sunshine, so it makes sense to install a solar hot water system to utilise this cleaner, renewable and practical form of energy. EcoSmart ® solar heating systems are big on performance, which means you can enjoy piping hot water in any season, come rain or come shine. Their unique combination of one of the highest REC values, warranties and being Australian owned makes them have Australia’s top performing solar hot water systems. This means you’ll not only reduce your impact on the environment, but also save money on your energy bills. That’s a little ray of sunshine we all can use.

Eliminate The Biggest Energy Culprit

Did you know that a hot water heater alone, consumes a large proportion of domestic energy use and is one of the biggest users of electricity? This makes it one of the most costly appliances to run in the home. So why pay for this energy when you can have it free from the sun with an EcoSmart Solar Hot Water system.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Unlike electricity, the power of the sun is completely free so, when you switch to solar energy to heat your water, you naturally make a massive saving. Especially when you consider that electric hot water can account for a third of your home’s electricity costs. You won’t just save money on your power bills, you’ll also do your bit to save the planet. By heating your water using the power of the sun, your home could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a third. So you benefit today, and everyone benefits in the long run.

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