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Think Efficiency

*Outstanding efficiency to help reduce energy bills

Think Innovation

*Part of Australia’s most highly awarded range of environmental water heaters

Why you should choose a Dux Sunpro electric boosted solar system

  • Next generation split system design with tank on the ground
  • Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
  • High performance black chrome selective surface collectors as standard
  • Patented Hotlogic processor that constantly searches for and switches to the cheapest available energy source
  • As the element is located midway up the tank, it heats up the top half of the tank only. Thus, in a 400L tank, only 200L of water is heated. This provides the benefits of solar power while minimising electricity costs

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Founder of Clean Up Australia, Ian Kiernan, and Dux have joined forces for a new program, called Clean Up Our Climate – an initiative which focuses on cleaning up Australia every day of the year.

Clean Up Australia is a national non-profit organisation that co-ordinates Clean Up Australia Day and Clean Up the World. In a 2007 Reader’s Digest study, Clean up Australia was voted the most trusted Australian environmental charity, an amazing accolade for Ian and his team.

Specifically, Clean Up Our Climate is a community based environmental program that addresses the need for the ongoing care and restoration of environmental assets, while assisting communities to reduce their environmental footprint. The initiative assists the community, government and businesses and provides practical solutions to help us all live more sustainably, every day of the year.

Upgrading from an old electric hot water system to a solar or heat pump hot water system is the single biggest thing that you can do in your home to reduce household greenhouse emissions. Given the fact that Dux has the most highly awarded range of environmental water heaters, Clean Up Our Climate and Dux are the perfect fit for each other in trying to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

For information about Clean Up Our Climate please visit www.cleanup.org.au. And for more information on which Dux solar hot water Gold Coast system is right for you, give Oceanside Services a call today on 07 5520 7100.

Oceanside Services | Dux Solar Hot Water Gold Coast