HD Images Of Sunspots

HD images of sunspots – Captured by the World’s largest solar telescope

Firstly, what is a sunspot?

Sunspots appear as dark spots on the Suns surface that are cause by powerful magnetic activity. Sunspots commonly appear as pairs, with each sunspot having the opposite magnetic pole to the other.

This video is what the (BBSO) Big Bear Solar Observatory in California saw with the largest solar telescope on the planet. It has captured a mesmerizing video and photos in previously unseen detail of surprisingly active plasma in the sun’s fine structures. This telescope possesses an extraordinary level of high resolution and enables the sharpest-ever photos of the visible corona of our stars.

One of the sunspots caught on film is the size of Earth, which sunspots being able to get to the size of Jupiter. Sunspots look dark on the Suns surface because the Sun is about 6000 degrees Celsius, whereas sunspots are only about 1500 degrees Celsius, therefore looking much darker against the blazing, red hot turbulent plasma.

This video was made from many HD images of sunspots on the Suns surface over several hours. Take a look at this beautiful, fascinating sight. Enjoy!

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HD Images Of Sunspots