How The Sun Was Created

How the sun was created – Did you know

If you look high in the sky, you will no doubt see that large burning ball of fire we call, the sun. We’re all aware it’s there, and everyone should know how extremely important and vital it is for all living things to survive. Without the sun, life would be rather uncomfortable, to say the least!solar hot water

Most of us go on holidays to soak up the hot sun, taking in the vitamins A and D which makes us feel great, while getting a lovely tan at the same time. Despite all that, have you ever paused to wonder how the sun came to be. Bear with me, because this will get rather scientific, but exceptionally fascinating to learn how the sun was created. Even if you’re not generally interested in science and astronomy.

Basically that burning ball of fire is the most important and biggest part of the entire solar system. It’s huge in size and extremely hot, with its center reaching temperatures of 27 million degrees. Despite the heat and size, you might not be aware that the sun is actually a star, and like all other stars, it orbits, taking around 250 million years to do a full loop around the center of the Milky-Way Galaxy.

Here’s how the sun was created – Around 4.6 billion years ago, a giant cloud of dust, gas, and materials from other stars all came together and began to rotate; over time this mass of dust, rubbish and gas began to spin faster, and when the spinning reached a certain heat, these materials and dust fused together and flattened into a disc-shape, which then began to form into a protostar.

What is a protostar you ask? Essentially, this is the early stages of a star being born. Eventually this protostar, our little baby sun, became hotter and the pressure quickly mounted, and expanded in size and certainly in importance, to became the huge, hot star that we now know as the sun.

What happens next? We all know that all good things must come to an end! Scientists do say we’re good for at least another 5 billion years before the sun disappears, and when it does, our planet will freeze over. All in all, it probably wouldn’t be that preferable for the Sun to disappear but, if it did, at least our days wouldn’t be numbered immediately.

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