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Updated July 29th, 2020.

From Brisbane to the Gold Coast, we know how to find a leak! 

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Water leaks can be a major headache for Gold Coast and Brisbane homeowners. Often, leaks can persist for months or even years before they are detected resulting in inflated water bills and other issues.

Think a dripping tap doesn't matter too much? Think again! A dripping tap can waste up to 33 litres of water a day. One little drip can dramatically increase your water bill. Worse yet are leaks that you cannot see. a broken underground pipe can water thousands of litres of water every day. Detecting leaks is not always straight forward, but it is always essential. Oceanside Services are your local leak detection specialists! 

How to Detect a Leak

  • Check your water meter regularly
  • Turn off all taps and appliances and check if the water meter is moving
  • Even if the meter appears still, there may still be a slow water leak. Keep your taps and appliances turned off for one hour and check the meter again.

How to Prevent Leaks

  • Many Gold Coast and Brisbane homes feature a swimming pool. Plant trees a good distance from underground plumbing and pools to ensure root growth does not cause a leak or crack.
  • Hot Brisbane summers mean watering systems are common. Regularly check any automatic watering systems for leaks
  • Turn taps off gently to extend the lifespan of washers
  • The Gold Coast property market is continuing to grow. Whether starting from scratch or renovating, ensure all building, plumbing and renovation work is undertaken by a licensed professional.

If you suspect a leak around your home, or your water bills have shot up dramatically, give our team of Gold Coast and Brisbane leak detection experts a call today. We have all the latest equipment and fully qualified plumbers to find the leak and have it repaired for you in a flash!

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