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When a storm wreaks havoc on your plumbing on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, you know who to contact for sewer storm water drains Gold Coast and Brisbane repairs! 

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The Gold Coast and Brisbane areas experience heavy storms during the summer months when storms roll in after a stinking hot day! Storms and downpours put a heavy load on storm water and sewer systems, not just with the large volumes of water they bring, but also the objects and debris that come along with it. This can cause damage, overfilling and leaks in sewer storm water drains Gold Coast and Brisbane wide, so it's important that you know who to call

Storms and the massive amounts of water that flow from them collect leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris that flow into the sewer system during a storm and can easily become lodged. Once the first items become lodged in the sewer, other items that follow begin to build up until the rate at which the water flowing in becomes too great for the system and flooding and overflow begins. This process can happen quickly and damage can easily run into the thousands before you can blink an eye.

You can use the South East Queensland thunderstorm tracker to monitor and detects storm movement across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but you can't move your home or business out of the way. When wild weather hits, a blocked storm water system or sewer can cause big problems, and flooding and damage to surrounding property can be very costly! It’s important to have the sewer blockage clearing taken care of as soon as possible by a qualified plumber.

Oceanside Services specialise in sewer storm water drain Gold Coast and Brisbane blockage clearing! 

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane teams have all the latest equipment and are fully qualified and experienced in sewer storm water drain Gold Coast and Brisbane blockage clearing services. For a blocked sewer we generally use an electric eel or high pressure water jetter. These are extremely effective at clearing even the most stubborn blockages. For any minor blockages hand rods may clear without the use of specialized equipment. Our expert team will assess the situation, and execute a solution to have the problem fixed in the most efficient and effective way.

Oceanside Services also specializes in clearing blockages to septic systems and grease traps. No matter what type of plumbing problem you have, Oceanside Services are the premier plumbing services company on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

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