Solar Powered Sports Stadiums

The future of sport energy

The rise of solar powered sports stadiums

We all know about the rise of solar power when it comes to meeting our home’s energy needs, however, you might not be aware that it’s not the only day to day homes that are harnessing the power of the sun. More and more solar powered sports stadiums are popping up over the globe, proving that saving the planet comes from all walks of life.

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, using the power of the sun to power stadiums, using reusable materials, not only saves money but also helps save the planet.

Solar powered sports stadiums are the new key trend and the first one appeared in 2009, in Taiwan. The Kaohsiung National Stadium in Kaohsiung, also known as the Dragon Stadium, houses 55,000 people and was originally built for the World Games, making it unique in more way than one.

US stadiums followed suit, with the NFL league team, the Philadelphia Eagles, turning their stadium totally solar dependent for the 2011/12 stadium. The Lincoln Financial Field boasts 2500 solar panels, as well as wind turbines and generators running on natural gas.

The home of the San Francisco Giants, the AT&T Park, is also a solar panel run, with around 590 panels powering the stadium’s scoreboard.

Going one step further? Fenway Park, the home of the world-famous Boston Red Sox has solar panels to generate heat, providing much of the stadium’s hot water, whilst also encouraging recycling of grass cut from the stadium’s field.

Solar powered sports stadiums are sure to continue to grow in popularity, and with more and more big-named teams catching onto the trend, whilst also realising, that being energy efficient and planet safe is a way to also boost the company brand. The initial cost of setting up solar panels within a stadium can be costly, however, with a home solar energy system, the savings will soon begin to show, with a massive cut in energy bills, mounting up to huge cost-cutting plans over the course of a traditional sports season.

Would you make the move towards installing solar panels in your home, following the popular trend towards saving the planet and money at the same time? If sports teams are doing it, more and more homes are sure to catch on and do exactly the same thing.

Save the planet and save the world? Surely it’s a no-brainer.

This is proof of just how powerful the Sun is and what it can do, and it’s there for all of us to use, free of charge. Let the professionals at Oceanside Services provide you with a free on-site quote today for a new solar hot water solution. With an average 300 sunny days each year, the Gold Coast is the perfect place to install a solar hot water system. Call us today on 07 5520 7100!