STC Rebates

STC Rebates With Conergy Solar Water Heaters

Independently rated with superior efficiency – good for your pocket and good for the planet.

Considerable rebates are available for installing a Conergy solar water heater. These come in the form of Government, as well as Small Technology Certificate, also known as STC rebates.

If you are not eligible for State Government Rebates, you will still be eligible for the considerable STC rebates scored by your Conergy solar hot water system. The STC value of a solar hot water system is determined by the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Regulator and is an independent efficiency rating system. Conergy systems score some of the highest STC values compared to competitor models, so switching to Conergy is the right choice for you and the environment!

At Oceanside Services, we can help you choose the best Conergy solar water heater system for your needs, and help you maximise on the available STC rebates. Conergy have a range of both roof mounted and split systems to choose from, ranging in size from small households up to large families. On the Gold Coast we’re lucky enough to have an average of almost 300 sunny days per year, so it makes sense to install a solar hot water system in your home. The energy savings can be as high as 80% meaning a huge financial advantage for you! Call us today for more information 07 5520 7100.

The Conergy TS Series hot water system is an efficient and economical heating system that utilises the natural principals of convection to give you steaming hot water and lower heating costs. Their roof mounted TS hot water systems are the smart choice in water heating. With the highest standards in water heating performance, superior design, technology and materials, the TS delivers the very best in efficiency, slashing your heating costs all year round.

With its rugged design and advanced features, the Conergy Split System is the perfect unit regardless of the level of solar radiation you receive. Every household is catered for with its wide variety of tank sizes ranging from 250 L to 400 L.

The Envirosun / TS Eco Series range is designed in Australia specifically to service the international export market. It is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards and is the ideal choice for cost effective, high quality water heating for both domestic and large-scale applications. Envirosun / TS eco systems are already producing high efficiency, energy saving hot water for households, living quarters, hotels and large developments in south-east Asia, the middle east and southern Europe.

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