Cleaning The Oceans

Cleaning the oceans – Cleaner waters!

Did you know we’ve now discovered a way for the oceans to clean themselves? It’s true, and in this video a very smart, young man tells us how.

Each year we produce 300 million tons of plastic with a fraction of that entering rivers, water ways and eventually the oceans. With most products these days being packed and packaged in plastic, lots of people tend to get lazy and throw their garbage in the water, rather than a rubbish bin. This is turn, is poisoning our food chain, a food chain which includes us, humans.


With some researches believing in prevention being the answer to a cleaner ocean, by educating people, these young, remarkable men have come up with a better idea, a cleanup operation. For a school assignment, a few class mates team up and do some new and fundamental research of their own to figure out if this cleanup is possible. These guys built a troll to collect plastic from the water, which happened to be 15 times finer than a regular one. They discovered that the count of the smaller particles is in fact 40 times higher than the larger particles.

Figuring it out

After contacting several professors from different Universities, these guys finally got a good estimate of how much plastic was floating in our waters, and just how long it would take to get it out, being told 79,000 years. These guys believing with their invention, the ocean could clean itself in just five years, using 24 vessels with nets reaching the ocean floors, this would divert the debris to one of the five rotating currents, eliminating debris by 99.98%, collecting 55 shipping containers worth a day.

Being the shape of a manta ray and operating by the power of the sun, push of the waves, and pull of the current, these ships will be self-sufficient and self-supportive. By letting its wings sway like a manta ray with the push and pull of the ocean, these guys assure the ship will be fine, even in the roughest weather, with also funds, manpower and emissions being saved from cleaning the oceans. They also believe this project would be profitable, with the sale of this plastic being sold would make 500 million dollars, which is much more than the project itself.

Check it out!

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Cleaning The Oceans